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This Starfield Mod introduces a dynamic weather system

Modder ‘Ainsy’ has released a really cool mod for Starfield that introduces to the game a dynamic weather system. This mod changes the weather automatically as you play, even allowing new weather variations in different climates/biomes.

The Starfield Dynamic Weather Mod will activate automatically in-game, allowing the weather to change on the fly as you play. This mod allows a huge variation in weather cycles, even in areas that don’t allow that climate. As such, you can expect to see thunderstorms, sandstorms, rain, snow, and beautiful sunny variations.

This mod comes in three versions; slow, medium, and fast. Slow transitions are for people who like longer weather transitions, medium is average and the recommended version, and faster is for people who want the weather to change a lot quicker than usual.

There is also an optional “Realistic” version that stays true to the game’s original biome weather cycle, but with increased speeds to make the weather more dynamic and enjoyable.

You can download the Starfield Dynamic Weather Mod from here.

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Have fun!

Starfield Dynamic Weather Mod