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This Fallout 76 Mod adds wind physics to lootable floras

Vivec7 has released a pretty cool mod for Fallout 76. As its title implies, FLORANIM adds wind physics to the game’s lootable floras. As such, PC gamers can get a more fluid – and less static – overall image quality.

Going into more details, and contrary to trees and grasses which are animated, the vanilla lootable floras are plain static in Fallout 76. By using this mod, though, you’ll also have animated floras with foliages moving in the wind.

The “Floranim” mod also fixes some floras models not being updated when looted. Not only that, but it adds lights and particles effects to irradiated floras.

This is a really cool mod that you can download from here. Below you can also find a video for it.

Speaking of Fallout 76, we also suggest taking a look at this HD Texture Pack. Released back in May 2022, this 40GB Texture Pack overhauls virtually every texture.

Have fun!

(Fallout 76 mod) FLORANIM v1.0