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This 40GB Texture Pack for Fallout 76 overhauls virtually every texture

Modder ‘takatoriyama’ has released a must-have Texture Pack for Fallout 76, called Radrose 76 Ultra-High-Definition Overhaul. According to the modder, this is a comprehensive Ultra-High-Resolution texture replacement that is optimized for 4K UHD displays.

Radrose 76 updates almost all of the game’s textures (or to be more precise, over 85% of all in-game textures). Additionally, it includes all Atom Store items and updates through Update 7 (2022/04/13). Not only that, but it comes with optional “Radiance” materials and textures that can provide a subtle glow effect on useful items.

Going into more details, the texture sizes range between 2X and 8X the original. Moreover, a few textures are the same resolution as the originals but with improved detail and aliasing. The modder has also hand-edited (or mashed up with real-world photographic assets) over a thousand upscaled textures.

The end result is pretty amazing, and we highly recommend downloading this Ultra-High-Definition Texture Pack from here. Below you can also find some screenshots from it.

Have fun!

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