This Chrono Trigger Mod brings it closer to the classic SNES version

Modder ‘Shiryu’ has released a brand new mod for the PC version of Chrono Trigger that brings it closer to the original/classic SNES version. This will be ideal for all PC futurists fans of Chrono Trigger, so be sure to download it.

As the modder described:

“The game currently has a bug where some of the “HD” assets get mixed with the original pixel art resulting on bad looking visual. This mod bruteforces a fix by replacing all the “HD” sprites and tilesets with the originals or by downscaling the new assets in an attempt to mitigate the problem. It also includes a new tweaked pixel UI with modular art icons (with solid color or transparent) and button prompts (Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS4 / PS5 / SNES / SFC).”

In similar news, Square Enix released a brand new update for the PC version of Chrono Trigger. This new patch adds a fullscreen mode, as well as support for ultra-wide monitors. Moreover, it increases Battle Speed for Auto Battles by x1.5. Not only that,  but it improves overall controls.

You can download this classic SNES mod from here. Steam will also download this latest update for Chrono Trigger once you launch its client.

Have fun!