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Mass Effect 3 Unofficial Patch 2022 is a must-have mod for the original 2012 version

Modder ‘Orikon’ has released a brand new version of the Unofficial Patch Project for the original Mass Effect 3 game. As said, this patch is for the original game that came out in 2012, and not for the remastered version that is available in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

This Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Patch (UME3P) introduces a large amount of bug fixes, polish and visual corrections. Furthermore, it backports changes from the Legendary Edition, helps integrate DLC, and restores cut content in a careful and selective manner.

What’s also cool here is the LOD module which aims to improve the game’s visuals.

As its description reads:

“The Level of Detail Module (LOD Mod) frees Mass Effect 3 from its last-gen limitations, bringing unprecedented visual details to each of the game’s levels. Levels are no longer cut into small separated bits, but are instead one cohesive whole. On top of that, LOD Mod introduces dozens of hand-made corrections to various levels for the purpose of fixing clipping issues, geometrical errors, engine voids, holes, or consistency problems.”

You can download the mod from here.

Have fun!

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