Morrowind Rebirth feature

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Rebirth 6.4 available for download

Modder ‘trancemaster_1988’ has released a brand new version of the Rebirth Mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. According to its changelog, Morrowind 6.4 fixes numerous bugs and issues that plagued it, and it adds new content to it.

In case you weren’t aware, Morrowind Rebirth is a complete overhaul of Bethesda’s classic RPG. This mod adds countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Basically, this is a must-have mod for those who want to replay this classic TES game.

As always, you can download the mod from here. Below you can also find its complete changelog. So go ahead and take a deep breath because this is a huge one.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Rebirth 6.4 Release Notes

Morrowind Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Yakum Hairshashishi didn’t have a ‘nolore’ script applied, meaning he would have several topics where he spoke like any other settled dunmer, even though he’s supposed to have difficulties with the language.
  • Fixed an issue where Lauravenya was set as a member of the Imperial Cult, which made little sense considering she’s next to a ‘Shrine of the Tribunal’, and has a couple of temple related books in the bookshelf nearby.
  • Also fixed an issue where some scrolls had missing info in the book text window, meaning the text wouldn’t be centered like all other scrolls. This issue also affected some scrolls added by Rebirth.
  • Fixed an issue where many hostile npcs with the agent class provided training when either being calmed or commanded. If it was just one I’d consider it an eastern egg, but it affects dozens.
  • Fixed an issue where Ulyne Henim was set to the ‘Witchhunter’ class instead of ‘Buoyant Armiger’. She was also mistakenly set as a Fighter’s Guild member instead of a Temple member.
  • Also fixed an issue where the regular Greater Skeleton Champions introduced in Bloodmoon had a script attached which made them only appear after finishing the Bloodskal Barrow quest.
  • Fixed an issue where Serila Arvel was misspelled as ‘Serila Arval’. This change is based on her actual ID name and the name of the shack she’s in: ‘Ienas Arvel’s Shack’.
  • Fixed an issue where Elvul’s Black Blindfold was missing the left wrist body part, meaning it would clip badly when worn with other items.
  • Also fixed an issue where Jeanciele Macile, Ashmelech, was wielding a bow and arrows, even thought he’s a prisoner of the Aundae clan.
  • Fixed an issues where in Redoran huts with a lower floor, the exit door in some cases clipped through the ceiling.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPCs inside the Redoran Stronhold, Molag Mar, wasn’t set to be members of House Redoran.
  • Also fixed an issue where Scroll of Salen’s Vivication was probably refering to ‘Vivification’ instead of ‘Vivication’.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wolf Shield texture didn’t match the Wolf Armor Set (it was white instead of black).
  • Fixed an issue where the ground models for ‘common_robe_03’ and ‘expensive_robe_03’ used incorrect textures.
  • Also fixed an issue where the power ‘Hunter’s Wind’ costs magicka, which isn’t the case with any other power.
  • Fixed an issue where a trap door in Indarys Manor didn’t have an open or close sound.
  • Fixed an issue where it was illegal to sleep inside some Dunmer strongholds.
  • Also fixed an issue where a loot list for Spiggans was’t working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Scroll of The..’ should have used ‘the’.
Morrowind Rebirth [Main]
Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a few NPCs (inkeepers) at some point were switched from traders to publicans. This was problematic due to the fact that the ‘bed’ topic would show up despite them not having a bed for rent.
  • Fixed an issue where the interior model of Thongar’s Tradehouse, Khuul, had incorrect collision, meaning you could go through the walls in certain places.
  • Also fixed an issue where rumors added by Rebirth, for Rebirth NPCs, didn’t work properly. Also added a lot of new ones, for a total of 35 new rumors.
  • Fixed an issue where Llovyn Andus House had shop door scripts, meaning his house would be unlocked during the day. Now it’s always locked.
  • Fixed incorrect desciptions, due to the changes in Rebirth, in the ‘Guide to Ald’ruhn’, ‘Guide to Balmora’ and ‘Guide to Vvardenfell’.
  • Also fixed incorrect desciptions in the book ‘Tamrielic Lore’, due to both changes in Rebirth, but also due to faulty desciptions in vanilla.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Ald Redaynia’ topic had duplicate records from the ‘strong souls’ quest. Don’t ask me how this happened lol.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Strange Altar’ (to The Rift), and ‘Portal Shard’ (to the Deadlands) didn’t play any sound upon activation.
  • Also fixed issues where the banners for Milie Hastien and Nalcarya’s shops, Balmora, wasn’t properly attached to the bannerposts.
  • Fixed an issue where Mehra Milo wouldn’t follow the player to the back of the library during the quest ‘Vivec Informants’.
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the Chitin Shortsword were overly dark compared to similar parts on other Chitin blades.
  • Also fixed a bug where the rentable bed in Sethan’s Tradehouse, Tel Branora, had the wrong script attached to it.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck jumping on top of the railings of the Hlaalu Silt Strider Platforms.
  • Fixed issues where two banners and bannerposts where floating near the entrance to Ald’ruhns manor district.
  • Also fixed an issue where some Dwemer cabinets were static instead of counting as a container (being lootable).
  • Fixed an issue where the banners of The Black Goblet and Seyda Neen had no animations like other banners.
  • Fixed an issue where Blighted Kwama Workers carried regular Kwama Eggs instead of Blighted Kwama Eggs.
  • Also fixed issues were doors would clip into items beyond due to turning in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue where Fiiriel, Ebonheart, wasn’t wearing his boots due to incorrect stats.
  • Fixed an issue where Darns Tedalen only had a 3 % chance to greet the player instead of 30 %.
  • Also fixed an issue where the rich-styled wallscreen was opaque instead of transparent.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bonemold Leggings were named “Bonemold_Leggings”.
  • Fixed an issue where Arrow of Elements had no enchantment attached to it.
  • Also fixed an issue where the Frostwalker boots had no icon.
  • Fixed hundreds of smaller issues not really worth mentioning.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes

  • Added more service providers to the three vampire clan holds, something which were lacking in vanilla. All holds now have at least an enchanter, alchemist, smith/trader and someone that provides spellmaking services. Additionally the vendors who were present in vanilla has recieved more gold and items, and chests that have respawning items are no longer available to loot (the latter will remove the possibility to get infinite items).
  • Changes (both minor and major) to dozens of interiors, including for example Gnisis Barracks, Gnisis Temple, Black Shalk Cornerclub, Dren’s Villa and farmhouses in the Ascadian Isles. Also tweaks to a lot of interiors that I’ve previously reworked.
  • Renamed the Ashlander Shields to Bugshell Shields, for more consistency with the Bugshell Helmets, which uses similar models and identical textures.
  • Tirasie Andalen and Dolvasie Veloren, Rotheran Dunmer Stronghold, are now both hostile, like all other NPCs inside.
  • Changed the furniture inside the Hall of Wonders, Ebonheart, from common to rich.
  • Reduced the overall foggy atmosphere of the Argonian mission in Ebonheart.
  • Added a few more animated NPCs, with more coming in future updates.
  • Made the Morag Tong Guild Hall in Balmora a little less cramped.
  • Reworked the farmland area outside Vos somewhat.
  • Added two small docking areas near the High Fane in Vivec.
  • Added railroad tracks to the Caldera Mine interior.
  • Minor leveled loot changes: Here are some examples:
    – Ashlander-styled urns and baskets now hold food and ingredients that makes more sense for their culture
    – Small tomb chests will no logner hold items that are larger than the actual container.
    – Removed Scrib Cabbage from Vvardenfell lists. It can now only be found in Mournhold.
    – Removed Ash Yam from ingredient lists. It can still be found in food containers.
    – Deadric chests have a better mix of valuable items.
  • Introduced a lot of new assets into the gameworld. Here are some examples:
    – Added new Ashlander beds.
    – Added two new urn variations.
    – Added more market stands.
    – Added more poor furniture.
    – Added more rich furniture.
  • Added a bit more clutter to Maar Gan.
  • Added a small dock to Molag Mar.
  • Landscape fixes and improvements.
  • Pathgrid fixes and improvements.

Dren Plantation Overhaul

  • A rather drastic overhaul of the rich part of the Plantation, while also moving the villa back to its original location.
  • Layout changes, both interior and exterior changes.
  • Many misc changes to clutter, textures etc.

Fort Buckmoth Overhaul

  • The keep is now much larger, which fits better with the overall size of the interior
  • Layout changes, both interior and exterior changes.
  • Added a new gatehouse

Pelagiad Fort Changes

  • Minor exterior changes.
  • Added a new gatehouse

Tel Aruhn Changes

  • Expanded the Slave Marked in Tel Aruhn, making it the largest one on Vvardenfell (as described in dialogue). This will probably recieve additonal tweaks in a future update, as I’m not entirely happy with the layout yet.
Morrowind Rebirth Additions

New Weapons

  • Corkbulb Shortbow

New Artifacts

  • Aryon’s Fortune
  • Soulblighter
  • Vengence

New Magic Weapons

  • Void
  • Ember
  • Sorrow
  • Grief
  • Pain
  • Tyranny
  • Dominator
  • Bane

New Misc Items

  • Ashlander’s Lyre

New Scrolls

  • Scroll of Firebane
  • Scroll of Poisonbane
  • Scroll of Frostbane
  • Scroll of Shockbane

New Potions

  • Potion of Fortify Attack: Bargain
  • Potion of Fortify Attack: Cheap
  • Potion of Fortify Attack: Standard
  • Potion of Fortify Attack: Quality
  • Potion of Fortify Attack: Exclusive
  • Potion of Sanctuary: Bargain
  • Potion of Sanctuary: Cheap
  • Potion of Sanctuary: Standard
  • Potion of Sanctuary: Quality
  • Potion of Sanctuary: Exclusive
  • Potion of Resist Normal Weapon: Bargain
  • Potion of Resist Normal Weapon: Cheap
  • Potion of Resist Normal Weapon: Standard
  • Potion of Resist Normal Weapon: Quality
  • Potion of Resist Normal Weapon: Exclusive
  • The Talos altar inside Gnisis Barracks has been retextured to match the Redoran tileset, instead of the Imperial tileset.
  • New texture and icon for the Templar Skirt, making it look more exquisite.
  • The new frescoes now use art closer to the vanilla frescoes.
  • Ship cabins now match the textures of the exterior.
  • New ground model for the Imperial Steel Cuirass.
  • New ground model for the Nordic Iron Cuirass.
  • New model and icon for Barenziah’s Daedric Dagger.
  • New model and icon for Honorable Writ of Execution.
  • New model and icon for Helm of Graff the White.
  • New model and icon for Barilzar’s Mazed Band.
  • New model and icon for Morvayn Ash Statue.
  • New model and icon for Aryon’s Dominator.
  • New model and icon for the Daedric Dart.
  • New model and icon for Aryon’s Helper.
  • New model and icon for Redas War Axe.
  • New model and icon for Soul Drinker.
  • New model and icon for Crab Meat.
  • New model and icon for Lutes.
  • New model for the Ogrim creature.
  • New icons for dozens of items.
  • Fixed hundreds of UV issues.
  • Updated a few textures.
  • Moved the change to filled soul gem value from the Morrowind Rebirth – Game Settings esp to Morrowind Rebirth [Main] as the change on its own can cause quite a few issues (grand soul gems are not sufficient for creatures with soul values over 300 being the most critical one). It needs to be coupled with other changes in the main plugin.
  • Removed ‘Main Quest Overhaul 1.3 [For Rebirth]’ from the archive. There is a new and better patch by ‘cupcakeninja’ here:
  • Removed the ‘Hill Giant’ from the mod.