Starfield TGs Galactic Colonies Mod-1

Starfield just got a DLC-sized expansion mod, allowing you to create whole colonies with giant mechs, defense turrets, a farming system and more

Modder ‘Tank-girl444’ has released a must-have DLC-sized expansion mod for Starfield, called TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse. This mod will allow you to create entire colonies, and it comes with new assets for you to use. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

This mod aims to greatly expand the game’s outpost system, production features, and more. The goal is to transform the outposts into a detailed space colonization simulator, drawing from the game’s own lore and story. It’s a highly ambitious mod.

What’s also cool here is that you can make a defense system for your colony, using turrets and mechs. This will put a smile on a lot of Starfield players. After all, the vanilla version didn’t have any mechs.

Another big feature of this mod is its new production line-based resource generation system. This will make your colony more centralized. In other words, you won’t be forced to have many different outposts to get a ton of completely individual materials from all across the galaxy. Not only that, but you can mine them from a signal location, with a lore-friendly spin.

Finally, this mod adds a brand new farming system. The modder has added over 40 new farmable plants and production items. These can be sold, used in crafting, or eaten. Moreover, there is now a new workbench to use, the colony food printer.

In short, this is an incredible DLC/Expansion mod for Starfield, and you can download it from this link. So, if you’re still playing it, make sure to get it as it will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

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Have fun!

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