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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mods add DLSS 2 and RPG-like Health Bars

Resident Evil 4 Remake has just been released, and two new must-have mods have surfaced online. The first mod adds support for NVIDIA’s DLSS 2 tech, whereas the second mod adds RPG-like Health Bars to enemies.

Going into more details, the DLSS 2 Mod looks mighty impressive. Not only does it run better than FSR 2.0, it also offers better image quality. This is a must-have for all RTX owners. Below you can find how you can download and install it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake DLSS Mod | 1440p FSR 2.1 vs DLSS 3.1 Comparison | RTX 3060 | i7 10700F

  • Download the REFramework (Upscaler Beta) archive
  • Download the UpscalerBasePlugin archive
  • Download the nvngx_dlss.dll file
  • Extract all files from the archives in the Resident Evil 4 directory next to the main re4.exe file.
  • Launch the game, the REFramework window should appear, head to the Temporal Upscaler option and choose DLSS.
  • Play the game with DLSS (make sure you have disabled FSR 1.0/2.1 in your settings to avoid conflicts).

The second mod provides an overlay that draws health bars on top of enemies’ heads. This is a really cool mod that you can download from here.

As we’ve reported, Resident Evil 4 Remake runs and looks incredibly well on PC.

Lastly, and speaking of RE4Remake, we also suggest taking a look at these other mods. For starters, we have this experimental VR Mod. Then, we have this mod that removes the Yellow Paint from the game’s destructible objects. And then, there is an FPS Mod in development.