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Real-time Path Tracing Mod released for id Software’s classic Doom

Now here is something that will please A LOT of old-school FPS fans. Modder ‘sultim-t’ has just released a real-time path tracing mod for id Software’s classic Doom games and no, this isn’t an April’s fools joke.

Sultim-t is the man behind the amazing ray tracing mod for Serious Sam we shared in August 2021. So yes, this is the real deal. These are full path tracing effects.

In order to showcase “Doom Ray Traced”, the modder released the following video. This video will give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

As we can see, the lighting has been greatly improved thanks to these path tracing effects. In fact, this new lighting gave me some Doom 64 vibes. The game is now darker and more atmospheric. I’m also amazed that sultim-t was able to implement full path tracing in a game that solely uses sprites (and not 3D models).

You can download Doom Ray Traced from here. And in case you are wondering, yes, you can also use NVIDIA’s DLSS. All you have to do is download nvngx_dlss.dll (or copy it from a game that already supports DLSS), and place it to the target folder.

Have fun!

Doom Classic: RAY TRACED - Trailer