Quake 4 Hidef 3.3 Mod-1

Quake 4 Hi Def V3.3 is now available for download

Modder ‘y2keeth’ has released Version 3.3 of his Hi-Def graphical overhaul mod for Quake 4. This new version improves the quality of numerous textures and 3D models, brings full shadows map files, and improves the sikk phong shading.

In order to showcase Version 3.3 of the Quake 4 Hi-Def Project, the modder shared the following video and screenshots. These should give you an idea of what you can expect from this graphics overhaul mod.

Quake 4 Hi Def V3.3 is 14GB in size and you can download it from here.

Before closing, I should note that y2keeth is also the man behind Doom 3 BFG: Hi-Def Mod and Prey “HD Remaster”. Thus, we also suggest downloading these mods for these games.


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Quake 4 hidef 3.3 mod first level