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New version of Starfield HD Overhaul improves numerous textures

Modder ‘luxor8071’ has released a brand new version of his HD Overhaul Mod for Starfield, improving a lot of new textures. Starfield HD Overhaul is providing new and improved HD textures, ranging from 2K resolution up to 8K, replacing thousands of textures all over the game’s world.

This new version improves/overhauls the following textures (alongside the ones featured in its previous version).

  • Ceramic, concrete, grass, metal, rust and decals,
    paint, plastic, stone, and floor textures,
  • Ash debris, debris trash litter, painted concrete,
    floor pattern, trim mechanical,
    structural concrete, industrial kit interior,
    terrabrew, cydonia, and mars poster.
  • Mine elevator doors, and terminals.
  • Display screens, floor mats, face of cydonia,
    infinity ltd signs, traffic cones, and neon benbayu statue.
  • Wet floor signs, wire grid, vending machines, fire effects,
    logos, lettering, labels, warning signs, posters, and signage.

You can download this latest version of Starfield HD Overhaul from here.

As we’ve already reported, this mod is not compatible with the Starfield HD Reworked Project. However, it should work with this mod that aims to improve the textures of the fauna/creatures.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!