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New GTA 4 Mods add 8K Map, improve Euphoria ragdolls, increase draw distance & population

A number of cool mod surfaced earlier this month for Grand Theft Auto 4. As such, I’ve decided to collect and share them in one big article. So, below you can find mods that add an 8K map, improve the Euphoria ragdolls, and increase both the game’s draw distance and population.

The first mod is the one that increases the game’s population. This mod will also allow new events to take place in the game’s world. Not only that but it also increases the stream.ini file so that the game won’t crash as often.

Then we have the 8K HQ Map and this mod that increases the game’s draw distance. These are straightforward mods so there is nothing additional to add about them; they do exactly what you expect.

Finally, there’s a mod that tries to make the Euphoria ragdolls in the game better. The mod attempts to improve how NPCs fall, roll, and twist their bodies. Its creator didn’t share any other details, but he did share a video. So, check it out to see the modded ragdolls in action.

Speaking of GTA 4, there are some awesome mods you’ve got to check out. First off, there’s one that restores the multiplayer mode – a must-have for sure. Then, there’s a cool mod that adds cars from 1950-1993 and a mod that brings New York City to the game. For a smoother experience, PC gamers can also use DXVK. And if you want the game to look better, there’s the GTA IV Ultimately Beautiful Edition, a big 7.8GB mod pack. Last but not least, there’s a mod that gives the main characters a total makeover.

Have fun!

GTA 4 Euphoria Action Ragdolls Clips