Turbo Overkill feature

Turbo Overkill is a new retro cyberpunk FPS, coming soon on PC

Trigger Happy Interactive has announced a new retro cyberpunk FPS for the PC, Turbo Overkill. Turbo Overkill will be coming soon on PC, and below you can find its first gameplay trailer.

In Turbo Overkill, you play as a violent killing machine with a chainsaw for a leg.

“The streets of Neo-paradise are in peril from a rapid rise of crime and an evolving AI that is melding flesh and metal in the shadows. You are The Street Cleaner. Half man, half machine. Your contract is simple: Slaughter them all.”

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Unleash brutal fury across 3 distinctive episodes
  • Decimate your foes with a vast array of weapons, all equipped with secondary fire modes
  • Utilize body modifications to traverse the vertical arenas of Neo-paradise, including double-jumping, full air control and a chainsaw sliding
  • Excessive gore and dismemberment
  • Battle foes from tech augmented street thugs to huge flesh and metal monstrosities
  • Navigate the maze like environments to discover secrets from collectible mix-tapes to unlockable hidden levels
TURBO OVERKILL - Gameplay Reveal