Resident Evil Re-Verse feature

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta 4K/Max Settings Screenshots

Capcom has launched the Open Beta phase for Resident Evil Re:Verse and below you can find some 4K screenshots on Max Settings. Resident Evil Re:Verse uses the RE Engine but contrary to Resident Evil Village, it does not support any real-time Ray Tracing effects.

In Resident Evil Re:Verse, beloved Resident Evil characters clash in a fight to the death. The Open Beta gives access to all characters and features only one level.

Now as you will immediately see, the in-game 3D models are similar to those of RE2R and RE3R. However, Capcom has used a cel-shaded technique for its environments. Not only that, but there are some really annoying “doted” shadows everywhere. As a result of all these changes, Resident Evil Re:Verse looks significantly worse than both RE2R and RE3R.

The good news here is that the game at least runs great. In 4K/Max Settings, our RTX3080 offered an average of 150fps (with some drops to 122fps). This basically means that the game will run fine on a wide range of PC configurations.

However, we did experience major latency/lag issues. At times, the game was unplayable. Do note though that this is a beta and not a demo, meaning that Capcom could improve things.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will release alongside Resident Evil Village on May 7th!