Cyberpunk 2077 HD Texture Pack Rogue

New Cyberpunk 2077 4K Texture Packs for Rogue, Delamain, Hanako & more

Modder ‘XilaMonstrr’ has released a few new 4K Texture Packs for Cyberpunk 2077. These new packs overhaul the textures of Evelyn, Rogue, Delamain, Kerry Eurodyne, Ozob Bozo and Hanako Arasaka.

As always, XilaMonstrr used ESRGAN in order to upscale the original textures. As such, these improved textures retain the art style of the original ones.

You can download these new 4K Texture Packs from here, here, here, here, here and here. Needless to say that we recommend all of them as they will improve the game’s visuals.

These packs are compatible with the other 4K Texture Packs we’ve shared.  As such, you can use them with these packs that improve the textures of body skinswalls, roads, and vegetation, of all weaponsplayer facesall posters and signs, as well as the character packs for Johnny Silverhand, Jackie, Panam and Dexter.

Lastly, here are some screenshots of these overhauled characters. These screenshots should give you an idea of what you can expect from them.


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