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Mortal Kombat New Era 2023 is a free MK Mugen game, featuring over 150 fighters

Now here is something for all our Mortal Kombat fans. Earlier this year, a new beta version of Mortal Kombat New Era surfaced online. Mortal Kombat New Era (2023) Beta 3.0 features over 150 fighters, and appears to be one of the best free MK Mugen games.

Beta 3.0 brings improvements to Van Damme (Guile), Fujin, Kenshi, Tanya, Sektor, Ryu, Undertaker, Jade, Raphael (TMNT), Kitana, Michelangelo (TMNT) and Zombie Liu Kang. And yes, you read that right. Mortal Kombat New Era 2023 features characters from both Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Furthermore, this new release adds endings to Jarek, Fujin, Tanya, and Shinnok.

You can download Mortal Kombat New Era 2023 Beta 3.0 from here. Below you can also find a video that highlights all of its latest improvements.

If you aren’t a fan of this particular MK Mugen game, you can also try some other ones. Mortal Kombat Anthology Remake is one of them. Then, we have Mortal Kombat Project Ultimate Revitalized 2.5. Classic MK fans can also try Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 Arcade Mugen 2020.

Have fun!

Mortal Kombat New Era (2023) Beta 3.0 Release