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Fallout 76 gets a 100GB 2K/4K Texture Pack, optimizing all 70,513 textures

A few days ago, we shared a 4K Texture Pack for Fallout 4. Created by modder ‘Painstaking Rick’, that pack aimed to optimize all of the game’s textures. And today, we are happy to present you a similar mod for Fallout 76.

Performout 76 – Fancy comes in 8 parts and is around 145GB in size. Yeap, you read that right. The total size of this mod is 145GB. However, there is also a 2K version, called Performout 76 – Equilibrium. Both of these packs optimize more than 70513 textures.

According to the modder, the new optimized textures are created from the game’s original/vanilla ones. The Fancy pack contains many textures upscaled to 4K by AI, which have been edited to have more detail. On the other hand, the Equilibrium pack has mostly 2K versions of these optimized textures.

Unfortunately, the modder has not shared any before/after comparison screenshots. So yeah, that sucks. If this mod was around 10GB in size, most PC gamers wouldn’t really mind. However, we’re talking about over 100GB here. So I don’t really know whether these new textures are worth your time and bandwidth.

Anyway, those interested can download the mod from here or here.

Lastly, if you don’t want to waste your time with this 100GB pack, you can go ahead and download another HD Texture Pack from here. You can also download another mod that adds wind physics to lootable floras!