GTA 5 Inworld Sentient Streets - AI Story Mode

GTA 5 gets a new story mod with NPCs that are powered by 30+ AI models

Modder ‘Bloc’ has released an amazing new story-driven fan expansion for Grand Theft Auto 5, called Inworld Sentient Streets. This mod offers a distinctly unique experience separate from the main storyline of GTA 5, and one of its big features is its AI-powered NPCs.

In this fan expansion, you will assume the role of a skilled and successful law enforcement officer within the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Additionally, you can choose one of three distinct partners, each with their own characteristics.

Players will confront formidable challenges throughout their shifts, interact with criminal elements, and exercise their decision-making prowess. Players will also be able to make their own choices in this mod. For instance, you can employ persuasive tactics to defuse tense situations and employ innovative strategies to extract critical information from criminals. You can even explore the path of corruption by accepting bribes.

As said, one of the biggest features of this GTA 5 mod is its AI-powered NPCs. According to its description, the NPCs in this mod are powered by the Inworld AI Character Engine with ElevenLabs voices. Inworld AI is an alternative to ChatGPT. This tool lets game developers go beyond dialogue trees to power narratives and NPCs using AI. As Bloc claimed, this GTA 5 Mod uses 30+ AI models that let players have open-ended conversations in real-time with eccentric cult members, cunning police officers, and unsuspecting civilians.

All in all, this sounds like a really fun story mod, and you can download it from here. Below you can also find a gameplay video for it.

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Have fun everyone!