Grand Theft Auto San Andreas new feature

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission Maker V1.6 available for download

HorusPublishingGTA has released a brand new version of the Mission Maker Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. According to the release notes, this new version adds walking styles for actors, more animations, and advanced traffic settings.

In case you weren’t aware, Mission Maker allows you to create your own missions in San Andreas, featuring a user-friendly interface, great features and stability.

In order to install this new version, you’ll need version 1.5 (which you can download from here). Once you launch the mod, you will be asked to download Update 1.6.

[OFFICIAL TEASER] SA Mission Maker v1.6

Below you can also find the release notes for this latest update.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mission Maker Version 1.6 Release Notes

  • Added walking styles for actors.
  • Added the Tools menu.
  • Also added teleport to interiors.
  • Added a test vehicle.
  • Through the tools menu, the mission can be started from the selected objective/
  • Added the issuance of a jetpack through the tools menu.
  • Added camera shake.
  • Also added camera zoom.
  • Time objective now have a timer.
  • Added advanced traffic settings.
  • Added a completely new editing of objects.
  • Also added more animations.
  • Added deletion of objects after the objective.
  • “Open component”, “Close component” have been added to actions with cars.
  • Added the objective “Enter Code” – What it does – is you can enter any code (that’s not a cheat) and succesfully run it as a objective. For example you can type “Press B to trigger something” and attach “B” to the objective, so if player presses that key it will work – same thing with words: you’ll type any word and apply it, if player does that in a mission it will also work – great for puzzle missions, or safe-cracking missions.
  • Updated the mission script.
  • Fixed voice acting and animations for the “jill” skin.
  • Added disabling auto-updates.
  • The update download system has been accelerated and improved.