Grand Theft Auto San Andreas new feature

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas AI Project improves & brings the PS2/Xbox textures to PC

Modder ‘flyaway888’ has released a lite version of his Grand Theft Auto San Andreas AI Project. This lite version improves the PS2/Xbox and Android textures of the game, and brings them to the PC version.

According to flyaway888, this version is ideal for all old-school SA players that want a visual upgrade but don’t want to download the previous version. In case you are wondering, the initial version of this mod attempted to overhaul the game’s default textures via AI techniques. The downside to that was that it was over 28GB. This new lite version is “only” 15GB.

In order to showcase the visual improvements, the modder shared the following comparison video. This video compares the vanilla textures with the newly overhauled ones.

You can download GTA San Andreas AI Update Lite from here. If you want its “bigger” version, you can download it from here.

I also suggest downloading it while you still can. After all, Take-Two is currently taking down a lot of GTA mods. As we’ve reported last week, Take-Two has shut down this San Andreas fan remaster in GTA5. So yeah, the company may also shut down this new HD Texture Pack.


GTA San Andreas AI Lite Edition 4X