ELEX II feature

First-Person Camera Mod released for ELEX 2

Modder ‘Sangeki’ has released a simple first-person camera mod for Piranha Bytes’ latest RPG, ELEX 2. In case you were unaware, ELEX II is a third-person RPG. Thus, and as the title implies, this mod will let you play the game via a first-person perspective.

Now as the modder suggested, this mod is mostly for taking photos. After all, it does not alter the game’s combat mechanics. As such, it will be difficult to fight enemies via this mod.

This first-person camera mod comes with two files. The main file has a FOV of 59, whereas the optional file has a FOV of 65. Also note that you can’t use this mod alongside any other mod that modifies the w_camera.hdr file.

You can download this FP camera mod from here.

In related news, Piranha Bytes released the first patch for ELEX II. This patch addresses the graphical glitches on some GPUs (like the Vega series) we reported on our PC Performance Analysis.

Have fun!