God of War new feature

First experimental FOV Mod released for God of War

Sony has just released God of War on PC and its first experimental FOV mod has appeared online. As with most FOV mods, it uses CheatEngine so that PC gamers can use their own FOV values.

Provided by Reddit’s KingKrouchy, this CheatEngine Mod lets you use custom FOV values. However, this mod also affects the cut-scenes, resulting in unpleasant results. This is why I’ve marked this FOV project as “experimental”. While you can improve your in-game experience, you will encounter numerous graphical bugs and glitches during cut-scenes.

As we’ve said in our PC Performance Analysis, the game’s “one-camera” design is the main reason why Jetpack and Santa Monica did not include a FOV slider. And, this first FOV mod confirms their claims. Thus, let’s hope that a modder will be able to resolve this via another FOV mod.

Still, I’m pretty sure that some PC gamers will want to play this new game with a wider FOV, no matter what. If you are one of them, you can download CheatEngine from here, and the CheatEngine table for God of War from here.

Our PC review for God of War will go live next week, so stay tuned for more!

Have fun!