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Final Fantasy 7 gets a must-have complete audio overhaul mod

Final Fantasy 7 fans, here is something really special for you today. Created by modder ‘Bonez’, Cosmo Theory is a complete audio overhaul mod for the PC version of Final Fantasy VII.

Going into more details, this mod replaces/updates all 724 original sound effects including battle, magic, enemy skills, limit breaks, summons, world. including looping and existing ambient sound effects. Additionally, it brings new ambient sounds for every field and battle scene in the game. Not only that, but it also adds ground-conditional footstep sound effects for every field.

Moreover, it replaces all sound effects in FMV’s (pre-rendered cut scenes). It also introduces voiced attacks or “grunts” for all party members. Furthermore, it brings 8 selectable menu sound sets; including FFVII Remake, Dissidia NT, FFXV, FFXIII-A, FFXIII-B, FFXII, FFX, FFVII(Vanilla).

In order to showcase these audio improvements, Bonez released the following video.

Tsunamods // Cosmo memory Trailer by Bonez

Those interested can download the mod from here. However, do note that this mod requires 7th Heaven and FFNx You must also ensure the SFX option in 7th Heaven’s game driver settings is set to VGMStream.

This mod should also be compatible with some other FF7 mods. For instance, it should work with this AI-enhanced HD Mod. It should also work with Final Fantasy 7 Remako HD Graphics Mod.

Have fun!