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Far Cry Beta Restoration Mod Demo available for download

Last month, FarOutCry released a public demo of Far Cry Beta Restoration. That demo featured two levels from this restoration project.

Going into more details, the Far Cry Restoration Project Demo features Research (merged with Treehouse), as well as an expanded version of Steam.

As the title implies, Far Cry Restoration attempts to restore content that was cut from the game. It’s a pretty cool mod, so be sure to download it from here.

Unfortunately, there has been a controversy surrounding this mod. From the looks of it, one of its main developers left the project a while back. Apparently, though, that developer was not happy with how things turned out and leaked various development builds from that project.

Now I don’t really know what will happen next, but you can find below a video showcasing Far Cry Beta Restoration.

Have fun!

FAR CRY BRP: Open Build Release