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Discovery Freelancer turns the classic PC space game into an MMORPG

In 2003, an amazing space game, called Freelancer, hit the PC. And guess what? After almost 20 years, a new mod just dropped, bringing multiplayer PVE and PVP action to the game. So, it’s time for some intergalactic fun.

Discovery Freelancer takes the original Freelancer story and makes it even better. This mod tweaks the game to be as close as possible to a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing experience. Its modding team has added lots of new technical features and content. Not only that, but players can expect some changes to the existing story and lore.

In Freelancer, you get to explore space, engage in big battles with computer-controlled enemies, and compete against other players. There are lots of different jobs and things to do, and you can create your own space story.

Discovery Freelancer adds a lot to the regular game. It takes place 33 years after the main story and has a special roleplay server that’s always on, where up to 200 players can join in. The mod introduces over 100 new ships, from small fighters to huge dreadnoughts. You can explore 90 star systems, including a new 5th House and dangerous alien areas. Plus, there are 69 different factions to check out.

In short, this is a must-have for everyone who wants to replay this classic PC space game. So, go ahead and download the mod from this link. Below you can also find a couple of videos from it.

Have fun!

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Discovery Freelancer 5.0 - October 2023