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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Rebirth 6.5 Available for Download

Modder ‘trancemaster_1988’ just dropped Version 6.5 of the Rebirth Mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Version 6.5 improves Vivec City and gives Dagoth Ur a makeover. Plus, there are cool new armors and weapons to play with. And the best part? The update fixed some bugs and made the graphics even better.

For those who don’t know, Morrowind Rebirth is a complete overhaul of Bethesda’s classic RPG. This mod adds countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Basically, this is a must-have mod for those who want to replay this classic TES game.

Version 6.5 brings some important fixes for the original game too. Now, you won’t find big gaps in the Arkngthand, Hall of Centrifuge. This version also makes it possible to reach the lower level in Odirniran, which wasn’t working before. And guess what? Vadeni Rethan, Kunirai, will be just as hostile as the other NPCs in the same area. All these problems are sorted out with this update.

The new Morrowind Rebirth Version 6.5 has even more fixes to make the game better. Now, some models won’t crash the game in OpenMW. The update also fixed collisions in various places. And hey, they sorted out the problem where several instances of the Sixth House hammer were in the wrong spots.

As always, you can download Morrowind Rebirth Version 6.5 from this link. Below you can also find its complete changelog. So, take a deep breath and read its full list of changes.

Morrowind Rebirth Version 6.5 Release Notes

Morrowind Fixes

* Fixed issues where there were quite large gaps in geometry inside Arkngthand, Hall of Centrifuge. I’ve previously done a pass, but another one was required to iron out the remaining issues.
* Fixed an issue where it was impossible to reach the lower level in Odirniran, meaning you could never sleep there, and detect animal spells would show enemies which you can’t kill.
* Fixed an issue where Lustidrike would not be able to ‘give you sujamma’ due to scamps not being able to cast spells. Instead he will simply give you a physical bottle of Sujamma.
* Fixed an issue where Okan-Shei and J’Zhirr had shoes in their inventory. This made little sense since beast races doesn’t wear shoes.
* Fixed an issue where Vadeni Rethan, Kunirai, wasn’t hostile like all the other NPCs in the same cell.
* Fixed an issue where the Tel Fyr banner was facing the wrong direction.
* Fixed an issue where the Secret Masters Retort used the wrong texture.
* Fixed an issue where Farare Othril had two shirts but no shoes.

Morrowind Rebirth [Main]

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes

* Fixed an issue where the ‘Ring of Free Action’ had it’s enchantment value mixed up with the item value. Additionally this item was renamed to ‘Ring of Freedom’, due it having a different effect than a similarly named item: ‘Belt of Free Action’.
* Fixed an issue where a Hlaalu Council Guard, Balmora Hlaalu Council Manor, didn’t patrol the area near the vault, making it way to easy to break inside. Also added a key to the vault for those who who would like to take a different approach.
* Fixed an issue where Frejda, Khuul Thongar’s Tradehouse, was set as a regular trader, although she was supposed to buy and sell drinks and food only.
* Fixed an issue where where the banner for Renell’s shop, Hla Oad, used an interior model (not animated), instead of an exterior model (animated).
* Fixed an issue where Anarenen, Ald’ruhn Guild of Mages didn’t have potions for sale due to the chest behind him being owned by someone else.
* Fixed issues were a few models would at times crash the game when using OpenMW. Thanks to ‘ZWolol’ for the fixes.
* Fixed an issue where ‘Scroll of Tevral’s Hawkshaw’ had a duration of 25 seconds instead of 30 seconds like the other detect scrolls.
* Fixed an issue where S’Bakha had shoes in his inventory. This made little sense since beast races doesn’t wear shoes.
* Fixed an issue where the support structure for the small dock at Saint Delyn Canton was facing the wrong direction.
* Fixed an issue where there were uneeded bloat in the script MR_Practice_Dummy_Script.
* Fixed issues where several instances of the Sixth House hammer were misplaced (floating/bleeding).
* Fixed an issue where a fresco clipped through the ceiling inside Hlaalu Ancestral Vaults, Vivec.
* Fixed an issue where a rope clipped through the floor inside Hidden Area, Vivec Arena.
* Fixed an issue where the smith Seryne Pansamsi, Ald Redaynia, didn’t offer repair services.
* Fixed an issue where the bug on top of the helm ‘Aryons Fortune’ was partially translucent.
* Fixed an issue where Balamus Indaren’s corpse was named ‘Coprse’ instead of ‘Corpse’.
* Fixed an issue where the green Bugshell Shield wasn’t aligned properly when equipped.
* Fixed an issue where the icon for the Corkbulb Bow didn’t work properly.
These fixes from 6.4 should now work:
* Fixed an issue where the interior model of Thongar’s Tradehouse, Khuul, had incorrect collision, meaning you could go through the walls in certain places.
* Fixed an issue where the banners of The Black Goblet and Seyda Neen had no animations like other banners.
* Fixed a lot of very minor issues.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes

* Added three new non-playable classes: ‘Armorsmith’, ‘Weaponsmith’ and ‘Repairsmith’ for NPCs that only sell armor, only sell weapons and only repair items. Also added appropriate dialogue entries for each class in the ‘my work’ topic. Previously these NPCs were bundled together in the “Smith” class, which made NPCs give faulty descriptions in the ‘my work’ topic. Note: The ‘Repairsmith’ won’t refer to themselves as repairsmiths, just ‘smiths’.
* Added a new non-playable class ‘Tavern Keeper’ with new dialogue for NPCs that sell food and drinks inside an establishment, but doesn’t rent out beds (publician) or sell other stuff (trader service). Also added appropriate dialogue entry for the class in the ‘my work’ topic. Previously a lot of NPCs did either, which made NPCs give faulty descriptions in the ‘my work’ topic.
* Changed the ‘my work’ topic for Trader Service NPCs to be a little more generic instead of “I buy and sell a little of everything — weapons ,armor, clothes, books, miscellaneous items of all kinds.”, which wasn’t always the case.
* Replaced random bound weapon for Witchhunter class NPCS with Bound Mace. They are most proficient in using blunt weapons, so there was little point in giving them Bound spells which they can’t take advantage of.
* Removed the darts and throwing stars from Uulernil’s display-table. Also removed a chest filled with ranged weapons (he doesn’t sell weapons, only armor).
* Added trapdoors leading to the top of the gatehouses in Fort Pelagiad and Fort Buckmoth. It made little sense having fortifications where you couldn’t access the ramparts.
* Added a signpost and sign to the exterior of Debent Carili’s shop in Balmora. Previously there was no indicator that the building housed a shop.
* Removed all torches from Pudai Egg Mine. It is supposed to be completely abandoned, and has been that way for a long long time.
* Enchanted marksman weapons found in containers now come in stacks of one type instead of many different types.
* Removed Dwemer weapons from crate loot-lists, meaning they are now less frequently found outside Dwemer Ruins.
* Removed the remaining Tribunal ingredients from Vvardenfell.
* Decreased the mercantile skill of some traders, mainly booksellers.
* The ‘Mages Guild Charter’ now mentions Pelagiad’s Mages Guild chapter under the section ‘Mages Guild Chapters in Vvardenfell District, Province of Morrowind’.
* Reduced the health of Practice Dummies and Practice Targets from 500 to 400.
* Updated the clutter inside the player home ‘Darkstone Manor’. NOTE: Make sure to remove any items you may store inside containers before updating to v 6.5.
* The ‘Seven Graces Topic’ will no longer show you the map locations of all the shrines, instead you first have to open the book as intended.
* Removed the somewhat misplaced Dwemer walls/lightbulbs in the Corpsarium Bowls, near Yagrum. Also added a bit of clutter to the Corpsarium Bowls.
* Marelle, Sorvild the Raven’s ‘experiment’, now has a unique face texture and has a unique greeting.
* Removed ‘Trading Card: Saint Relms’, cause there is no Saint by that name.
* Replaced Redoran-styled ashpits in ancestral tombs with Velothi-styled ashpits.
* Reworked a fair amount of interiors in Ald’ruhn and Maar Gan.
* Hundreds of minor changes not really worth detailing.
* Landscape fixes and improvements.
* Pathgrid fixes and improvements.

Morrowind Rebirth Additions

* Added a lot of small semi-quests to find and discover throughout the gameworld. Semi quests are quests that aren’t actually given to you and displayed in the journal, but could be something like finding a note leading you to a place of interest (which in turn gives you a a reward).
* Added a bunch of smaller things that add life to the gameworld, such as odd characters with unique dialogue, npcs fighting creatures and much much more.
* A majority of the Ancestral tombs now have walled sections that are in a ‘ruined’ state, adding more variation to the interiors.
* Added a new icon for the folded cloth. Previously it shared icon with unfolded cloths.
* Added 6 new variations of blood splatter, where there used to be only one.
* Healers (Service Healers) can now heal your wounds for a small fee.
* Temple Priests (Service Priests) will now take donations to aid the poor.
* Temple Priests will now offer blight bounties.
* Ash Slaves and Ash Ghouls now play two unused voiced attack sounds.