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Cyberpunk 2077 just got a must-have mod that enables dynamic NPC reactions; your clothes, driving, and even your past quest choices will now matter

Modder ‘MisterChedda’ has released a must-have mod for Cyberpunk 2077 that aims to overhaul the behavior of all gangs, crowds and NPCs. This mod will make the NPCs behave more realistic, and they will now have dynamic reactions depending on your clothes, driving, and even your past quest choices.

Going into more details, NPCs will now jump out of the way if you honk at them while driving on the sidewalk. Other drivers will sometimes honk back and make comments if you honk at them. If you’re driving drunk, the police will notice you quickly, but they won’t start a fight unless you cause trouble.

Most NPCs will now react if they see a naked V, except for some, like homeless or poor NPCs. When they see you, they might make comments or walk away. The police and gang NPCs will notice you quickly, but they won’t start a fight unless you cause trouble. Also, the level of your cyberware will affect how NPCs react to your nudity.

And there is more. NPCs will now run away in fear when you have 4 or more wanted stars. And, repeatedly bumping into walking NCPD officers or Barghest soldiers can provoke combat.

NPCs will now react to your clothes based on gang or corpo affiliations. Wearing gang clothes will make it harder for their allies to notice you but easier for their rivals to spot you. Driving gang-affiliated vehicles will also affect how quickly rival and ally gangs detect you.

As said, your past quest choices will also have an effect on the game’s gangs. As such, they may provoke or directly engage in combat based on your past quest choices. Gangs also trigger combat mode directly when facing them in courier/vehicle contract missions.

And that’s not all. NPCs become aware if you persistently follow them. Civilians may also run away if you creep them out enough.

In short, this is an amazing mod that will greatly enhance your gaming experience. Thus, we suggest downloading it from this link.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!