Descent Path Tracing

Classic shooter Descent gets an amazing Ray Tracing Mod

Descent is a classic shooter game for PC that came out in 1995. And, as we saw with Doom and Quake, this classic shooter has just gotten an amazing Ray Tracing mod that overhauls its entire lighting system.

Going into more details, DXX Raytracer is a fork of the DXX Retro project for Windows. DXX Raytracer uses modern raytracing techniques to update the graphics of the beloved retro game known as Descent.

DXX Raytracer feature physically-based rendering, as well as soft shadows and path-traced global illumination. Furthermore, players can expect bloom and motion blur effects, as well as support for TAA.

From what we know, Descent RTX (that’s what we’ll be calling it) does not support any upscaling techniques like DLSS 2/3 or FSR 2.0. As such, you may need a powerful GPU in order to run it at resolutions higher than 1080p, even though this is a really old PC game.

You can download Descent RTX from here. We also suggest downloading Doom RTX, Serious Sam RTX, Half-Life RTX and Quake RTX.

Have fun!

Descent Raytraced Release Trailer