Black Mesa Blue Shift comparison screenshots-1

Chapter 2 for the Half-Life Blue Shift Remake in Black Mesa is now available for download

In March 2021, we informed you about a Half-Life Blue Shift remake in the Black Mesa engine, Black Mesa: Blue Shift. And today, we are happy to report that HECU Collective has released its second chapter.

In Black Mesa: Blue Shift, players will relive the Black Mesa Incident as Gordon Freeman’s best friend, Barney Calhoun. This fan remake currently has the first two chapters of Blue Shift. These chapters are Living Quarters Outbound and Insecurity.

Additionally, HECU Collective added keyboard/mouse/xbox controller icons in the binding options in the new UI. The team also redid some dialogues in the first chapter, fixed some bugs and extended it’s ending for a few minutes.

You can download Black Mesa: Blue Shift from its official ModDB page.

Have fun!