Resident Evil HD Remaster – First Impressions + First 10 Minutes Playthrough

Resident Evil HD Remaster releases tomorrow and Capcom was kind enough to provide us with a review code prior to its release. Thus, below you can read our first impressions of this HD remaster of the classic Resident Evil game, that is basically based on the GameCube remake released in 2002.

First things first: the game runs with 60FPS and without performance issues on the PC. There have been reports of various frame drops on current-gen consoles, however on the PC a GTX680 is more than enough for a constant 60fps gameplay experience. After all, Capcom listed some really low PC requirements for this HD remaster.

Resident Evil HD Remaster comes with two control schemes (original and alternative). The original control system is similar to the one found in the Playstation version, meaning that the characters behave like huge tanks. The alternative system is not exactly what we thought. At first, we believed that via this method players would be able to shoot while moving, however that’s not the case. With the alternative control system, the player is moving towards the direction issued by the analogue stick (or accordingly to the keyboard keys he’s pressing). Do note that you will still have to stop, aim and shoot via this alternative mode.

Graphics wise, we hoped for more from this HD remaster (though we kind of knew this was coming the moment we witnessed the first screenshots from it). A lot of backgrounds still look blurry, and while the characters have been slightly enhanced with details, they are not up to what we’d expect from a ‘HD Remaster’. In short, Capcom dropped the ball on this. While this new version looks better than the GC version, it does not justify their 13 years gap.

Resident Evil is still a great – and a tough – game. Forget all the hints that have spoiled current-gen gamers. Forget highlights towards doors or objects via which you can interact. Don’t expect this game to hold your hand and show you exactly how to solve its puzzles. And that’s the beauty of Resident Evil, especially if you haven’t played the original – or the GC remake – recently.

It’s pretty much needless to say that we highly enjoyed Resident Evil HD Remaster. However, there is still a big issue that has not been addressed (and is due to the game’s control and camera viewpoints). There will be a lot of times when you’ll be fighting with the controls as your character will be moving to completely different directions when the camera viewpoints change.

In case you’re not aware of – we doubt it, but still – Resident Evil uses pre-rendered backgrounds. As a result of that, the game uses a variety of fixed camera viewpoints that change as soon as the main character gets closer to the edges of a scene. The big issue here is that some players will get disorientated while transitioning from one scene to another. Not only that, but the control scheme can go crazy during those transitions.

Resident Evil HD Remaster is currently priced at 19,99€ on Steam. So the big question is; does this remaster justify that price? In our opinion, it does (though we believe that a more appropriate price would be around 14,99€). Resident Evil HD Remaster is still fun and challenging. And at the end of the day that’s what really counts. It’s an old school title that was not spoiled by all the current-gen trend that has plagued the industry. And that’s a good thing.


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