Monstrum – First Impressions + 10 Minutes Playthrough

Team Junkfish was kind enough to provide us with an Early Access code for its upcoming survival horror game, Monstrum, and below you can read our first impressions of it. In addition, you can view a 10-minute playthrough that will give you an idea of what this game is all about.

Monstrum is survival horror game that takes place in an abandoned ship. You wake up suddenly without remembering who or where you are. Soon, however, you realize that you are not alone in that ship. A monster is chasing. Your missions is quite simple; search the ship, avoid the monster, and escape the ship.

In its Early Access version, Monstrum comes with two types of monsters, and you will randomly encounter one of them during each of your playthroughs. The game features procedurally generated levels, as well as permadeath mechanics. This means that if you die, you’ll start over on a different ship.

You’ll be able to escape the ship via three ways. You can either use a helicopter, a submarine or a liferaft. And as you’d expect from such a game, you’ll have to search the ship in order to find tools with which you can fix/repair them.

Players can carry up to six different objects, meaning that they’ll have to choose their escape route from the beginning, search and find the appropriate tools that are needed to repair their vehicle.

Monstrum is powered by the Unity engine and graphics wise, there is nothing mind-blowing about it. Monstrum’s visuals get the job done, but they will not ‘wow’ you. As we’ve already said, this is an indie game so don’t expect breath-taking visuals.

But is it any fun? Well, that depends on the games you enjoy playing. Monstrum targets survival horror fans, as well as those that are not annoyed by ‘trial & error’ techniques. It can get annoying figuring out which tools are needed in order to repair your vehicles, but that’s part of the game’s main features.

Monstrum basically offers a ship that is your playground, with a minimal story and a monster chasing you. It can get quite tense, so this is definitely something that you should try if you are fans of this genre.


DSOGaming - Monstrum - 10 Minutes Playthrough