DSOGaming – Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage – First 25 Minutes Playthrough


Back in June we informed you about Mirage; a cinematic title that mixes classic slash-em-up gameplay in a stylized Chinese setting. According to its description, Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage (as that’s its full title) captures the essence of a broad genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists. Origo Games has sent us a review key for this indie game, so you can view below its first 25 minutes playthrough.

In Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage, players will be able to control two assassins (that have one night to eliminate an elusive crime syndicate and get their revenge). Utilizing their different styles of combat, Soul and Shang must battle their way through a mysterious landscape in order to defeat the illusive Master Mirage and take control of his Clan of Shadowless Assasins.

We really enjoyed our first contact with Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage. In fact, we loved it. There are some minor issues with its controls mechanics but this is a game we highly recommend, especially if you’re fans of side-scrollers. It’s unique and stylized visuals are also a beauty to behold, and since there aren’t a lot of such titles on the PC we can’t find any reason why PC gamers should not get it.

Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage is currently available on Steam and is priced at 13,99€. The game comes with a 30% discount, an offer that ends tomorrow.


DSOGaming - RainBlood Chronicles Mirage - First 25 Minutes Playthrough