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YOU can determine DSOGaming’s Comment Section Policy for 2021-2022 [UPDATE: Results]

And it’s that time of the year again. Today we’re letting you vote and decide for yourselves our Comment Section Policy for 2021 and 2022. This poll will run until Wednesday (October 20th) and will end at 21:00 GMT.

In the past few months, I’ve received countless emails about our Comment section. I also don’t really mind receiving angry emails, so yeah, some of those emails did not really affect me. Still, I’d like to remind you that we are THE ONLY website that allows its users to determine its Comment Policy. We are as “pro-reader” as we can get, and we’ll stay that way. So cast your vote.

Do note that in order to minimize any possible spam or attempt to alter the results, we only accept accounts that have at least 70 comments. Accounts that have been created today or last week are not allowed. Duplicate comments are not allowed. We’ll be also deleting all irrelevant/off-topic comments from this story (so that it’s easier to determine which option has won). You can only vote for one option (if your comment has two options, the first one will be the valid one). Also, if you don’t choose a number, your comment will be deleted.

We believe that these requirements/rules will benefit you, our readers. After all, if you cared about our Comment Policy these past years, you will undoubtedly have more than 70 comments, right? Otherwise, what’s the point of voting for something you are not participating in? We’ve also decided to merge the previous 2nd and 3rd options (as they more or less talked about the same thing).

This new Comment Section Policy will take effect on October 20th and will last for one year. In 2022 we’ll have a new poll for a new Comment Policy.

Here are all the available choices:

  1. Unrestrained Policy but with the ability to ban spammers: Our readers can comment on anything they want. They can leave political or racist comments, and they can insult other members (who can defend themselves via the Comment section. Moderators are not required to protect them and they can leave all users to fight each other). Spammers will not be allowed and will be banned, no matter what.
  2. Users can talk about anything other than racist or political stuff. Personal attacks will not be allowed: Our readers can talk about anything as long as it’s not racist or personal attacks. Moderators are free to delete comments THEY feel are racist or personal attacks. In case such a comment passes under the radar, readers can report the comment in order to bring it to our attention. Moderators can also ban users that keep talking about all these topics.
  3. Only PC-gaming related stuff: Our readers can talk only about PC gaming stuff. As such, they can’t share off-topic videos (such as music videos), talk about the weather, earthquakes or other disasters (like tsunamis for example), talk about history, or talk about all the other aforementioned categories. In case such a comment passes under the radar, readers can report the comment in order to bring it to our attention. Moderators can also ban users that keep talking about all these topics.

Once again, the first rule won. I mean, there is really no point counting the votes as you can clearly see that the first option is the most voted one.

HOWEVER, some of you can’t help being assholes and want to spoil unreleased games. We’ve seen this with Horizon Zero Dawn, we are also seeing it now with God of War. YOU CAN USE THE SPOILER TAG IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT SPOILERS. If, however, you want to act like an asshole and don’t use the tag, you will be banned. Those spoiling unreleased PC games without using the tag fall in the “Spammer” category and will be banned. This is unnegotiable and I believe all of us agree on this. So be warned, spoilers for new/unreleased PC games are not allowed without the tag. Plain and simple.