StarForge is a F2P survival game, inspired by Halo, WC3 & Minecraft – First Playable Build Released

Okay everyone, this game deserves your attention. Starforge is a free-to-play survival game that is inspired by Halo, Warcraft 3 and Minecraft. Think Starforge as a mashup between those three games, where players build castles/forges to defend themselves from some enemies at night that look similar to the Zergs. Sounds interesting? Well the team behind it has just released its first playable build and you can find its download link below.
Yes, the game is rough around the edges and not as polished as other triple-A games but keep in mind that a) this is an indie game and b) it is distributed for free. Not only that, but Starforge comes with infinite procedural terrain, customizable landscape, no loading screens (as players can go from the surface of a planet into outer-space) and a physics engine.
Those interested can download its build from here and start playing it.