Editorial – Steam Group & Facebook Page Launched, Matt Joins The Team, Update On Twitch & YouTube Channels

This Editorial was meant to go live yesterday but due to various reasons, it was slightly delayed. And, well, for that we apologize. Since Matt joined our team – and since we had an Editorial for Spencer – we felt the need to post one about our new member, and talk a bit about some interesting topics.

Matt will be contributing a number of articles, so feel free to welcome him everyone. Matt is a big fan of PC Gaming and a huge supporter of the open source and homebrew movement. Stay tuned for his First Impressions article for Out There: Omega Edition.

Speaking of which, we’d like to talk a bit about both Twitch and YouTube. As Papadopoulos already said, we encourage everyone following the editors themselves. There is really no point creating a DSOGaming Twitch or YouTube channel. We are forward-thinking regarding this, and we want to put our editors in the spotlight. And since interacting via Twitch and YouTube can – somehow – get a bit more personal, we believe that this is the right thing to do.

Moreover, we’ve just launched a new Facebook page for Dark Side Of Gaming. We know you wanted such a page, therefore we decided to create one. Moreover – and as Spencer has already said – we’ve launched a Steam Group dedicated to DSOGaming. You can also follow us on Twitter.

We also suggest reading Spencer’s article, via which you can follow him on Twitch. As soon as Matt provides us with his Twitch channel (provided he’s interested in such a thing) we’ll update this story with it.

Have fun everyone!