DSOG feature 2

Editorial: Jak Connor joins the team, AMD RX Vega update, and more

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, a new writer has joined our team. I mean, some of you didn’t notice it at all, which is why we decided to write an Editorial about it. Alongside Spencer and Matt, Jak Connor will be contributing to DSOGaming. For the time being, Jak will be focusing on News (and in the future he might start writing some game reviews).

As with Spencer and Matt, Jak is free to write for whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Naturally, he won’t write about GamerGate or political stuff, and he won’t be covering DLCs (unless they are free of course). In other words, DSOGaming’s content will remain the same.

Now we do have to address the elephant in the room, and that is the Last of Us II story that was published two days ago. No, DSOGaming is not turning into a multi-platform website. Jak has been writing for The Games Cabin and made a small mistake in his first days. We’ve all made mistakes and we have his back on this, so don’t be harsh with him. So yeah, DSOGaming will remain a PC-only website.

As we’ve already said, we will be getting an AMD RX Vega GPU. However, this may not happen immediately. According to our sources, there will be limited numbers of RX Vega 64 GPUs on launch, so we don’t know whether we’ll be able to acquire one. Rest assured that we will eventually get an AMD RX Vega 64 GPU.

And this brings us to something we’ve noticed lately. In the past, we’ve been criticised for not covering AMD’s products. And nowadays, we’ve been criticised for… covering AMD’s products. And since some users have brought this up, no; AMD does not pay us to cover its products. It’s hilarious even thinking something like that, especially since all AMD GPUs we use/will be using are purchased by us (and are not being sponsored by AMD). The reason you see more AMD-related news these days is simple. NVIDIA is as silent as it can get. Not only that, but with the incoming release of both AMD’s new CPU and GPUs, we get more stories about them.

Last but not least, we won’t be taking any vacations this year. Yeap, we’ll be here the entire August with more news about all the upcoming PC games. We’ve tried to secure interviews for a number of triple-A games, so we might get some interesting new details about your favourite upcoming games. We’ll keep supporting modders, and we’ll keep sharing remakes of games in modern-day engines (we know you love these stories)!