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Rainbow Six: Siege – Next PC patch will be at least 26GB, will feature Ultra HD texture optimizations

Ubisoft has announced that the next PC patch for Rainbow Six: Siege will be huge in size. According to the company, the non-Ultra HD PC patch will be 26GB, while the Ultra HD PC patch will be 42GB. Ouch.

The development team explained these huge patch sizes. According to it, this upcoming patch will be the new baseline and the foundation that future patches are built upon. As such, the team will replace  a significant number of the existing data forges (compressed archives containing other files) and that’s why this patch will be so big. Thankfully, future patches won’t be as big as this one.

Ubisoft claimed that it will also pack various texture optimizations for the PC version of Rainbow Six: Siege. The team has adjusted the texture quality for each level of graphics settings on PC, from Low to Ultra. As such, there will be a slight increase in quality for character textures and a significant increase for environment texture quality available for all settings.

Furthermore, the team claimed that those who use the Ultra HD pack will also see an increase in environmental texture quality.

“Environment textures take up ~60% of available VRAM, and without making the Ultra HD pack unusable by anyone but those with the most powerful builds, the upgraded environment textures did not fit into the Ultra HD pack. Now that we have streamlined the way data and textures are handled, we are able to include these upgrades in the Ultra HD pack, and make it accessible by players that meet the 6GB VRAM minimum requirement.”