DSOGaming – Comment Of The Week [May 5th – 11th]

Our ‘Comment Of The Week’ section has been updated with the best comment from last week, coming from our reader CoolingGibbon. Moreover, each and every week we’ll be sharing a parody video that impressed us or made us laugh or was too good to simply pass up. At this point, let me also further explain how this works, as I’m pretty sure a lot are still puzzled.

We do not choose our “Comment Of The Week” based on the upvotes it received.

Obviously, comments that offend other users are not suited. On the other hand, comments that are clever/helpful/humorous/funny are the ones that can be included.

Although it is fine promoting your own comments, we strongly suggest sharing comments from others that stood out – at least in your opinion – or made you smile.

Your participation in the previous topic was a bit underwhelming. Although you found the idea pretty good, you did not share any comments (apart from two of our readers). Hopefully this week you will share more. Do note that in this post, you can share comments that were submitted from May 5th to May 11th. Also, make sure to include the commentator’s name.

Naturally, some will see this as a contest and may get disappointed for not ‘winning’. Do not. Let me say it again: Do not get disappointed if your comment is not chosen. This isn’t a contest guys. As with our User’s Articles section, this is something via which you can be part/contribute/influence your favourite website.

We leave you with a – oldie but goodie – parody video dedicated to the Street Fighter live-action movie.