DSOGaming – Comment Of The Week [April 26th – May 2nd]

So, we are kicking off our new column/tribute/’you_name_it’ today everyone. As you may have noticed, there is a ‘Comment of the Week’ section on the left side of our website. That section will be updated each and every week with the best comment that was submitted. Naturally, it’s really hard figuring out the one comment that is best suited for it, meaning that you can share the comment that impressed you the most, made you laugh, or the one you think should win. So go ahead and share the best comment you’ve seen this past week (remember to also include the user that posted the comment).


Since it’s really hard finding a past comment (for you, our readers), this story will be focused on the coming week’s Comment Of The Week. In short, these ‘Comment Of The Week’ posts will serve as the place where you can share a comment the moment you see it.

This story (and every such story for voting) will be included as a featured story (top stories on Frontpage) from Monday to Friday. Each Sunday, the best comment will be featured on our COTW section.