The Wonderful 101 Remastered PC port is not that great, suffers from major mouse issues

PlatinumGames has just released The Wonderful 101 Remastered on the PC. However, it appears that the PC version was not that polished when it launched. And, after testing the game, we can confirm that there are some major issues with this PC port that the team has not fixed.

Let’s start with the good things. From the get-go, the game supports mouse and keyboard. Moreover, the game can run with 59fps on a wide range of PC systems. This basically means that a lot of PC gamers will be able to run the game. Additionally, the game displays proper on-screen K&M indicators.

Unfortunately, and despite the first first impressions, you will immediately experience some awful PC issues. For instance, there are frame pacing issues as PlatinumGames has locked the framerate at 59fps. Thankfully, there is already a mod that resolves these frame pacing issues that you can download from here.

The game also suffers from some, idiotic, default key mapping. For whatever reason, PlatinumGames has set key “R” to be the Menu key. The ESC key does nothing, which was really surprising. Without knowing this small detail, it was a pain in the ass to find the Menu.

The mouse also does not work in all the menus. While you can navigate some menus, you cannot use it to change the graphics or sound settings. In order to make changes to them, you’ll have to use the WASD keys. Also note that the arrow keys are not working in the menus, which is another strange decision.

The biggest issue of the game, however, is the mouse sensitivity while playing the game. To put it simple, the mouse does not work properly. Instead of offering a 1-1 raw input, it seems that it emulates a gamepad stick movement. That, or there is something else going on here. As a result of that, I was unable to complete most of the Wonder-Liners. In order to complete a Wonder-Liner, you’ll have to press Alt and then draw a shape via your mouse. Theoretically, this should be really easy with a mouse, right? Well, it’s not. I was unable to make a simple circle with the mouse or a diagonal straight line. Seriously, the mouse controls in this game are among the worst I’ve ever seen. The game can become completely unplayable and until PlatinumGames fixes this, we strongly suggest avoiding playing the game with keyboard and mouse.

Now I know what some of you will say; this game was built for gamepads. However, that’s not an excuse here. The mouse is an ideal input device for drawing shapes. Seriously, even a small kid can draw a circle in MSPaint with a mouse. The fact that PlatninumGames has managed to completely mess up this simple input control scheme is… quite an achievement.

Let’s hope that the team will address this via a post-launch update. To be honest, though, this seems unlikely. Thus, let’s hope that a modder will fix this. After all, modders were able to provide proper and enjoyable mouse and keyboard controls in another Japanese game, NieR Automata.

Enjoy the following 4K screenshots on Max details!