Paradise Lost-1

Official Cinematic Teaser and Screenshots for first-person perspective adventure game, Paradise Lost

All in! Games and PolyAmorous have released the official cinematic teaser trailer and the first screenshots for Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost is an FPP adventure game that will come out on the PC later this year.

In Paradise Lost, you assume the role of a 12-year-old kid who finds a mysterious Nazi bunker while roaming a post-nuclear wasteland. Players will explore a vast underground world in which unusual, advanced technology mixes with Slavic folklore and myths. Players will also make decisions that will affect what they will see on their journey.

The game will also feature a unique twist on the post-apo genre, with its setting characterized by a mixture of technology and Slavic-pagan aesthetic, against a background of profound human emotions.

Enjoy the following trailer and screenshots, and stay tuned for more!