PC Gaming Trance – Episode #1 – Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Since I am a huge fan of trance music, I always wanted to mix trance and PC gaming together. After all, I always believed that the trance music suits perfectly a lot of gaming genres. Therefore, it’s time for a new special video-series.

PC Gaming Trance will feature two trance tracks (mixed together via Traktor), alongside footage from a game I’m currently playing. The gameplay footage will be raw and unedited. In other words, the music will be playing in the background while I’m playing a game. While editing numerous gameplay videos sounds better on paper, I wanted to capture and share unedited moments that can, perhaps, become special.

Although I have a pretty good idea of what trance music suits different types of games, I may experiment in the future with types that would not, normally, match together. Uplifting or tech trance in horror games like The Evil Within 2 perhaps? Sounds interesting to say the least.

Since the games that will be presented in this series will be the ones I’m currently playing, I will try not to suck at them. Moreover, and while I plan on releasing a new episode every Sunday, things may not go as planned. After all, I want to feature a different game in each and every episode of this series.

In this first episode, you will find two uplifting trance tracks. The first one is  “Nervous Testpilot – Five Years In Singapore (Miikka Leinonen Remix)” while the second (starts 4:34) is “Simon Hunt – The Burn (Manuel le Saux Remix)”.

Ideally, this series will also serve as your “Off-topic Music” section. You can share the tracks that stuck on your heads, regardless of their genre.

But anyway, feel free to share your thoughts on this new video-series in the comment section below!

PC Gaming Trance - Episode #1 - Middle-earth: Shadow of War