Trespasser fan remake

Jurassic Park Trespasser fan remake is being developed in Crytek’s CRYENGINE

Trespasser, the Jurassic Park PC first-person action adventure game that relied heavily on physics, has turned 20 years old and in order to celebrate it, we’ve decide to inform you about a fan remake that is being developed in Crytek’s CRYENGINE.

Titled Trespassing and created by a single developer, this fan remake aims to recreate the entire game in a brand new engine. From what we’ve seen, the remake will feature some new assets and some that were used in the original game (take for example some of the trees that are straight from the 1998 game).

Trespassing has been under development for a few years and while its developer is still working on it, development itself is not progressing at a steady pace. As such, we don’t know when and if this fan remake will come out. Back in August, its creator stated that the project is not dead, though he has very little free time to dedicate to it.

So yeah, you shouldn’t hold your breath for it but I believe – and since the game is now 20 years old – the following screenshots are a nice present for all the Trespasser fans!