Brigade 2 Engine Blows Most Modern-Day Engines Out Of The Water; Supports Real-Time Raytracing

So, you thought that the Agnis Tech Demo from Square Enix looked great? Well wait until you see the latest images from the Brigade 2 Engine. Hayssam Keilany, the modder behind iCEnhancer, has shared some new images from this engine that will make your jaw drop to the floor. In all honesty, these are by far some of the best, real-time, visuals we’ve ever seen. According to Keilany, the images are from an engine they are working on with his company and it’s a ‘real-time path tracer.’
According to OTOY’s graphics developer, Samuel Lapere, a demo has been showcased at Siggraph and was rendered with real-time path tracing at 1280×720 resolution at 60 fps, and was running in OTOY’s cloud with post processing.
Below you can also find a video that showcases this game engine. However, we should note that this video is not from the latest build of the Brigade 2 Engine. Samuel said that his local system was not capable of video capturing and rendering with Brigade at 720p, meaning that he had to turn down the resolution to get an acceptable framerate. This basically means that the tech demo – in the following video – is running on a single PC.
Last but not least, ‘Streets of Asia’ is the name of the environment that has been demonstrated by OTOY at Siggraph.
Brigade 2 looks capable of surpassing the Luminous Engine, and that says a lot. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the following screenshots, and keep in mind that these are real-time shots from a tech demo.

  • Grim

    Make a game already (before the console publishers lock this one down exclusively for their next gen launch titles)!

    • Derp

      This engine isn’t ready for commercial game production by a long shot. Didn’t you watch the video? Info tells you it took experimental hardware to render it at just 720p. Next gen consoles won’t be able to run this and neither will PCs in the next 5 years. There’s also no patent war going on in the graphics industry so noone will be able to “lock this one down” any way.

      • BeastlyRig

        but this is not some desktop pc it’s in the cloud and most likely is optimized unlike a traditional desktop in someones home. SO it’s hard to get excited..

  • Vladimir Rosenkov Mayakovsky

    Luminous Engine had better hair.

    • 2good4u2

      The character was actually made by some dutch game design students for a different brigade project. I think it was put into this one to be able to walk around rather then flying a camera around the scenery.

  • jorge

    looks worse than luminous engine, even without that grainy look

    • Dieger Cvb

      i think your focusing too much on the character and not on the scenery wish looks pretty danm close to real life!

      • BeastlyRig

        simply put
        luminous engine looked less realistic but better since there is this thing called art style. I am not so obsessed with real life visuals. In fact real life visual can look very bland like things in real life.

        But I am not trying to discredit this. It still is amazing.

        • Mike Hawk

          Luminous looked better because it looked like an actual game, there were things going on. You could see yourself playing this. Brigade engine is just walking around an empty plastic world for no reason. Once brigade reaches the point where they can include other characters, special fx, and more variety in scenery then you will say it looks better than luminous. Luminous just has a head start on them and has been in development longer.

  • Michael Harrison

    The scenery is all straight lines and angles flat buildings with no texture to them for the most part. the curvature that is shown is either the usual not a curve when you look close or it is masked by shiny goo which is a cheap trick

  • Voxelman

    Ray tracing still has a long way to go if that is the best they can do at 720p. The water looks like mercury or something. The grass looks terrible and it’s grainy as sin.

    Other than that the lighting and shadows looks good, and the reflections in the city scene are godlike but that is to be expected with ray tracing.

  • MrSnowman

    Problem with photorealism graphics is that it demands so much out of game designers. I much prefer a non-photorealistic graphics with more alien aesthetic choices.

    Of course there’s games that are meant to be realistic and look good as such.

    But i fear this will make publishers put effort in the wrong places. The latest cryengine tech demo was great, it’s really all I can picture myself wanting graphically out of a game. But it’s not realistic, and I’m fine with that.

    • Mike Hawk

      People keep returning to this argument over and over again, “we’ve gone far enough, to hell with graphics!”. If that attitude stayed, we would never have reached movies like Avatar. Obviously there is a balance between graphics and gameplay. Nobody would actually want to play a game like this Brigade demo where all you do is run around an empty world looking at photo realistic graphics. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt strive to reach that point eventually, otherwise we’d all still be playing mario bros.

  • Thomas Bendix Hammerschmidt

    nice all nice , but what you wanna do when the grid goes feck’ed ’cause it will’ , none of all the smart(sarcasme) cloud crap is gonna have any , well real power …..

  • Godmars

    I’m rather sad/frustrated that realtime gameplay and real world graphics have become the end all/be all of gaming. Even to at the cost of sprite animations and excess physic artifacts in what few SHMUPS are out there.

  • DarthDiggler

    @John Papadopoulos Why did you have to go completely overboard with your headline and completely diminish the real story here. This is impressive but to suggest that this engine is more powerful than Battlefield 3 which renders real time destruction is laughable.

    Not to diminish what this engine does at all but it lacks many modern features you will find in many modern engines but it does do lighting well.

    • Mike Hawk

      Uhhh, ok the technology being showcased here is years ahead of BF3. Just because BF3 has some stupid cardboard buildings that collapse the same way every time doesnt make it a more advanced engine. That simply makes it a more “complete” engine, in the sense that it’s ready for primetime. You might as well say the Quake1 engine is better than Brigade because it supports online multiplayer and has monsters you can shoot at.

    • Heavenly_King

      I also think this engine looks like a 2005 demo. It looks like crap.

  • maxinthefax

    why are you bitching? obviously you dont grasp the idea of raytracing the grainy effect is due to the motion of the rays i.e: X-rays and when in motion you’ll see this happen just like sonar imagery as well they’re not gonna use sony HD Handycams you jackass now DIE!

  • Heavenly_King

    This looks like a tech demo from 2005 ¬_¬. I dont see anything great here. The textures have no “volume”, the wall are just a plain surface with bricks and dirt drawn on it. The only thing nice about this is the grainy filter, which gives some kind of realism, but still the object in the world look terrible. too low detail, too low poly count,the character looks horrible. If the engine looks this way with nothing major going on, then how the hell it will look when more things happen in the screen?

  • MemeBox

    This looks beautiful. Consider the model that is being rendered here. Simple box shaped buildings, simple low res textures, etc. And yet it still looks more convincing than something that has been polished with millions of dollars.

  • juanme555

    i cant believe that both of you and BeastlyRig said that ¡luminous doesn’t come close to this!
    look at those buildings ,¡THEY’RE PHOTOS! that luminous doesn’t even match Cryengine 3