What If Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Was Recreated in the Doom Engine

YouTube’s ‘Blorc’ has been working on porting Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 into the Doom Engine, and has recently released a video showing an early version of it. This current Doom version of FNAF2’s features a mouse script (everything in-game is controlled by the mouse, but the flashlight which has a key assigned to it.), a functional monitor, a functional music box, a functional flashlight (to take a better look at those animatronics) and animatronics (Toy and whithered versions of Chica, Bonnie and Freddy).

This version also sports some additional features:

*Optional camera static and Camera noise: You can enable or disable them. Up to you.
*Custom phone call: You can choose the phone call that fits you better or choose none at all
*Music menu: You can choose the music to be played while in main menu.
*Custom Jumpscare sound: Is that screech sound not scary (or funny) enough for you? there’s four more options for you to discover
*Custom ambience sounds: You can choose between 4 themes that will make you gameplay more pleasuring or terryfying, up to the choice.

And here are some incomplete features (that will be hopefully included in a new version):

*Animatronics: Foxy, Mangle, Golden freddy, BB(?)
*6AM sequence (when the night is completed)
*Game over sequence (self explanatory)
*Automated jumpscares (puppet is the only one by the moment)
*A Functional mask (since animatronics aren’t a big threat yet, mask still remains useless)
*Left and Right light vents (still undone)

There is currently no ETA or a link to download this game.

Kudos to our reader ‘Pablo Coelho’ for informing us!

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