classic Unreal intro screenshot

Unreal Redux, fan remaster of Epic’s classic FPS, gets a new trailer

Modder ‘Krull0r’ has released a brand new trailer for his upcoming fan remaster project for Epic’s classic FPS, Unreal Redux. Unreal Redux promises to feature numerous Quality of Life improvements, will add new features, and will stay true to its classic roots.

Unreal Redux will introduce the function “grab” as “use” displayed as a pulsing overlay. Additionally, it will allow players to loot dead human bodies, and bring new interactions with the native Nali species. It’s also worth noting that Krull0r will add some new NVIDIA PhysX decorations.

Players can also expect new enemy projectile effects, as well as new stunning player weapon effects and new explosion effects. The mod also promises to have immersive new sound effects, and will feature footstep sounds based on the ground material.

Unreal Redux has been in development for over five years. We first reported on this project back in May 2018. And, unfortunately, there is still no ETA on when it will come out.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

Unreal Redux, Unreal 25th Anniversary Trailer