classic Unreal intro screenshot

Unreal Redux is a fan remake of the classic Unreal in Unreal Engine 1

Krull0r is currently working on a pretty cool fan remake of the classic Unreal game in the Unreal Engine 1. Yeap, you read that right. This isn’t an Unreal Engine 4 remake. This is a fan remake in the first Unreal Engine – enhanced by the new oldunreal’s 227 patch – and will be as close to the original material as possible.

Thanks to the same engine powering it, Unreal Redux will be able to keep the same aesthetics and atmosphere with the original game. Furthermore, it appears that the textures will remain the same and won’t be enhanced at all.

However, this fan remake will come with some new features. Unreal Redux will introduce the function “grab” as “use” displayed as a hand symbol ingame, will force the new “use” function in order to trigger keybuttons, switches and consoles, will allow players to loot dead human bodies for random ammunition and inventory items, and will offer more interaction with the native Nali species.

In addition, it will feature two versions for the outdoor levels ( sunshine and raining, randomly chosen), increase amount of details on level geometry for each map, sport more secrets and new places to explore, and pack new immersive effects by using Unreal 227.

Speaking of new effects, Unreal Redux will feature new enemy projectile effects, new stunning player weapon effects, new explosion effects, the suns of NaPali will now dazzle the player, will replace 2D fire sheets with fire emitters, and will pack footstep sounds based on the ground material.

There isn’t currently any release date for this fan remake of Unreal, however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Unreal Redux Teaser 2018