Aqua Ippan demo

Aqua Ippan is an amazing Metal Slug clone for PC, demo released

NEO-GEO and Metal Slug fans, here is something special for you today. Indie developer Division has released a demo for their upcoming Metal Slug-inspired 2D retro platformer, Aqua Ippan.

Aqua Ippan is an action platform game for PC that feels and plays like a true arcade classic, and pays homage to the Metal Slug series with its artstyle, detailed animations and jazz-fusion music.

This is a dream come true for all Metal Slug fans, and we highly recommend downloading the demo from here. Basically, this is the closest to a new Metal Slug game we’ll ever come. So, if you were fans of the series, you should definitely download it.

I seriously can’t praise it enough. Aqua Ippan runs at silky smooth framerates (compared to the slideshow that Metal Slug was back in its days) and looks retro-amazing.


Aqua Ippan - Demo Trailer!