Unreal Engine 5 Showcase 2023 video shows off next-gen graphics

Future Games has shared a new video for Unreal Engine 5 at its Summer Showcase 2023 event, showing off some truly next-gen graphics.

For this video, Future Games used clips from environments that various artists have created in Unreal Engine 5. For instance, you can find a The Witcher-inspired environment, as well as a Call of Cthulhu map. There is also a cinematic version of The Matrix Demo. And yes, Epic has also included the mind-blowing Etchu Daimon Station.

Now I’ll be honest here. I don’t expect current-gen games to achieve this kind of graphics. A small portion of late current-gen games may come close to some of these demos. Maybe. Hopefully. However, these feel like graphics that can be achieved by PS6 and the next Xbox console.

I’d love to be proven wrong. But just go ahead and take a look at the video. Hell, even with its compression issues, you can easily see how much better these environments look than what we’ve gotten these past three years. Even A Plague Tale: Requiem, a game that looks absolutely amazing, cannot match some of these environments. Hell, we haven’t even gotten these graphics that were possible in Unreal Engine 4. And remember that Unreal Engine 4 tech video that had next-gen weather/physics effects? Yeah, there is no game in existence close to this.

Anyway, go ahead and enjoy the video!

Unreal Engine 5 Showcase - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023