Quixel’s next-gen photorealistic Rebirth tech demo was running on an NVIDIA GTX1080Ti with 60fps

Last week, we shared a tech demo from Quixel showing next-gen photorealistic graphics in Unreal Engine 4. Quixel used its Megascans photogrammetry tech in order to create something truly astounding and what’s interesting here is that this tech demo can run with 60fps on existing hardware.

As Quixel noted in a new video, the Rebirth tech demo can run with more than 60fps on a single NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti. Yeap, Quixel did not use the more powerful NVIDIA RTX2080Ti in order to showcase this tech demo, proving that current-gen games can actually look like this (provided developers take full advantage of GPUs like the GTX1080Ti).

In order to prove that this demo is possible on the GTX1080Ti, Quixel showcased portions of the demo running in real-time, during which the player can interact with the environment.

Now I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a developer out there that will release a game with this kind of visuals until next-gen consoles hit stores. After all, most PC exclusives these days are not graphical showcases and while the multi-platform current-gen titles look best on the PC, they won’t ever come close to the quality of the Rebirth demo.

Still, we hope that more and more developers will start implementing photogrammetry into their games as this technique can significantly improve visuals. For example, games like Sekiro and Outward suffer from some really awful low-resolution textures so proper photogrammetry techniques could greatly benefit them.

But anyway, enjoy the following video (I’ve also included the original video for Rebirth) and stay tuned for more!

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